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Why We Started Scholist

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

“If I could go back, I would have done things differently.”

How often have you felt this way?

Source: Cambridge Dictionary

Regret is a powerful emotion and choosing where to study is a major decision--at Scholist, we believe that these two things should never go together. Yet, more than 30% of people surveyed[1] said that they would have made a different choice about where they went to university if they had more information.

We know that if we combine deep knowledge about higher education with data-driven tools, we can give all students–regardless of their background–the information they need to make the right choice, the first time. That’s why we started Scholist.

Every member of the Scholist team remembers the complicated process of deciding where to apply and the unique journey we’ve had as a result of the choice we made. We’re making the process less complicated so that other people can maximize their potential, no regrets.

University Admissions 2.0

We know, first-hand, that the process of searching and applying to college leaves students feeling overwhelmed. We listened as hundreds of students, parents, admissions officers and counselors from around the world told us about their experiences.

Here’s what Scholist aims to be:

1. Unbiased

If you’re looking for help with university admissions today, chances are that you’ll find a counselor or online tool that is either too expensive or gives poor guidance. You might get suggestions that are based on the counselor’s own goals or subjective assessment. These have little to do with your true potential or individual fit with a university!

At Scholist, we’ll show you the universe of options, so it’s just you against yourself. Tell us what you’re looking for and how you’re performing in school and we’ll give you a personalized list of “Scholist 15” universities are ideal for you, so you can start your search.

We combine data with a human touch to mimic the best guidance that exists and we’re sharing it with you.

2. In Real-time

Today, it can take months before a university responds to your application. If you’re on Scholist, universities can reach out to you directly if they think you might be a good fit. No more waiting around for application fee waivers and feedback.

3. Complete

Am I a good fit? Can I get financial aid? What are the most popular majors? Will I survive the academics and how bad will the weather get?

It can take hours to find the answer to just one of these questions. We know that you’ll have hundreds of questions! So we’ve collected all the information you need to get to the finish line on each university application into one easy-to-use format.

Everything you need to know about BU, in one place!

4. Personal

The hardest part about completing an application is telling your story. Why should they give you a spot in their entering class?

Everyone needs support with this process, but not everyone needs the same kind of support. We help you tell your story, your way.

If you’re looking for encouragement from a group of peers and guidance from university alumni, sign up to join one of our cohorts. We’ll find six students around the world that are similar to you and match you with an instructor from your dream school.

If you’re looking for one-on-one tips and counseling on essays, university choice and more, visit our counselor marketplace. We’ll recommend counselors that make sense for you.

It’s 2021 and we’re all doing things differently. We think university admissions should be different too. Join Scholist today to experience “University Admissions 2.0”.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [1] In the U.S.

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