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A Comprehensive guide on Duolingo

Updated: Apr 20, 2023


The Duolingo English Test: What is it?

The Duolingo English Competency Test, also known as the DET, is a cutting-edge, comprehensive, and on-demand method of testing English language proficiency for both native and non-native speakers. Duolingo is largely accepted as an ELP for higher studies in the USA and various other countries. The Duolingo language learning platform and software company developed this English language test, which was developed by the Duolingo language training platform and software company.

The primary English skills of reading, writing, communicating, and listening are tested. You can also take the Duolingo online test on your home computer. Compared to other English proficiency exams, where you might have to go to test centers or enrollment offices to take the test, this one has an advantage. The Duolingo English Fluency Test can also serve as proof of one's English language ability.

The Duolingo English exam is a test that provides a report of your English skills, just as any other exam administered for studying overseas, such as IELTS, PTE, etc. It is acceptable in many universities throughout the world that have English competence requirements. Various universities in the US accept Duolingo scores including Yale University in Connecticut, Duke University in North Carolina, Columbia University in New York, and other renowned universities.

Why Take the English Test on Duolingo?

The only thing that makes it a worthwhile option is the prospect of taking the test at home in your normal routine without having to travel anywhere. You can obtain a certificate while lounging at home and for a very small fee. Duolingo tests are simple to take. There are a number of advantages to taking the Duolingo English test that should persuade you to do so. Among them are:

You can take the test anytime you wish from the convenience of your home because it is online. More than 3000 universities around the world recognize the Duolingo test, which can be used to get admission to undergraduate programs.

The Duolingo exam is absolutely free, allowing you to apply to numerous universities as you desire, unlike other exams like the IELTS or TOEFL. It is a quick test with a more straightforward structure when opposed to other evaluations. After submitting your test, you'll receive the results in 48 hours.

Duolingo English Test qualifications

There are no conditions for the Duolingo test that one must fulfill in order to take it. There are no requirements for age, academic level, region, or any other aspect that must be met before the exam is taken.

The first is the Duolingo English Test's prerequisites, which are as follows:

  • A space that, in your opinion, has adequate lighting and is quiet

  • A dependable and swift internet connection

  • Your passport or any other official identification

  • A laptop or computer with

  • A camera

  • and a microphone

  • Speakers

It's crucial to remember that even though you could take the exams as much as you like, you could only do them two times per 30 days. A youngster under the age of thirteen must have parental consent in order to take the test.

How does the English test on Duolingo compare to the TOEFL and IELTS?

The fact that Duolingo English is adjustable, which means that the exam difficulty level is completely based on your prior responses, differentiates it from TOEFL and IELTS in a significant way. IELTS also includes conventional question categories like multiple-choice, essay, and more. Contrarily, test takers view the Duolingo questions as enjoyable. This is because they are dynamic and adopt a new format.

It's also the reason the Duolingo English Test is so brief, lasting only 45 to 60 minutes as opposed to the IELTS exam, which takes more than two days.

In addition, you can receive the results of the Duolingo English Test within 48 hours. But the TOEFL and IELTS can take between 6 and 10 days.

Furthermore, Duolingo English Test allows you to exchange your results or scores with an infinite number of institutions and universities for free. They do, however, impose a different fee of $20 after the initial four exchanges of your scores, unlike TOEFL. And when it comes to cost, the Duolingo English Test is really only USD 49, which is considerably less expensive than TOEFL and IELTS, which may cost anywhere from $160 to $250 depending on where you are in the world.

Where can I take the Duolingo English test?

It is quite simple to sign up for the Duolingo English language exam. Simply download the Duolingo app to your PC or head to the Duolingo official website to get started. Following registration, the following procedures must be followed to take the Duolingo English test:

  • Go to Duolingo's official website.

  • The "take the test" button is highlighted in orange on the monitor. Click it.

  • The app will be linked to you. Install it on your PC after downloading it.

  • Make sure you follow all exam guidelines, including sitting in a quiet, well-lit area with your device's front webcam and microphone turned on.

  • You will be prompted by the app to check your camera, speaker, and microphone. Do as you are told.

  • To enroll for the test, upload each of the Duolingo-required papers.

  • Please register for an account and fill it out completely. Determine your motivation for taking the test.

  • An account for Duolingo will be made for you. Then one must pay 3,605 INR to take the test, therefore let's move on to the payment process.

You can administer the test once you've completed all the steps. You will have the first five minutes to come aboard, set up your system, and read the instructions. The test will start following that. Although you have 60 minutes to finish the test, you are free to do it earlier. You can schedule a Duolingo test using your newly established account and attempt it as many times as you like. The test can be taken immediately after paying the fee.

English Test Pattern for Duolingo

Reading, listening, speaking, and writing are the main components of the Duolingo English Test. Additionally, there aren't any lengthy reading- or writing-related questions. Instead, it only employs brief questions to assess the same abilities.

Duolingo is a computer-adaptive test (CAT), which implies that the test's difficulty level adjusts depending on the test-takers' performance. The harder the exam becomes as it goes along, the higher the marks in the early sections should be.

On the other hand, the degree of difficulty of the subsequent questions is on a simpler level if the test-taker had lower scores on the earlier sections. It is unique and more dynamic than the available traditional English examinations.

There are two parts to it: an adaptive test and a video interview.

The format of the Duolingo English test is as follows:

  • The Introduction will take about 5 minutes,

  • Which will be followed by a 45-minute adaptive test.

  • The last would be the Video interview which will take about 10 minutes.

It is safe to assume that the Duolingo test takes about 60 minutes to complete.

You are welcomed on board by the Duolingo team throughout the introductory section, which aids with your system setup and helps you feel at home. With each accurate response you provide, the adaptive test becomes increasingly challenging. It encompasses speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as all other facets of English proficiency. You'll be given questions that are both text- and audio-based.

English test fees for Duolingo

In India, the Duolingo exam costs 3,605 INR. To send the results to universities, though, there is no further fee. You can transmit your results from Duolingo to as many universities as you'd like without having to pay any additional fees.

The Duolingo English test price can be conveniently paid with a credit card or through your PayPal account. After paying the fee, you have 90 days to take the test before your test window closes.

This cost is significantly less than that of other exams like the TOEFL and IELTS, which each cost 13,250 in India (which costs 13,860 in India).

Additionally, after the TOEFL exam and 5 universities after the IELTS test, you cannot transmit test results for free to more than four universities. In this situation, Duolingo enables you to transmit your exam results to an infinite number of universities.

Results of the Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English test authenticity is 2 years from the date you obtain your results, and the test results are provided to you within 48 hours after finishing it. You can get your Duolingo English test results by entering your login information on the webpage for the Duolingo exam.

A score, which might vary from 10 to 160, is the result. There are four ranges that make up the Duolingo scoring system, which determines your competency. In light of your score, the following conclusions can be drawn about your level of English proficiency:

  • 10–55: You can recognize common English expressions and terms.

  • 60–85: Depending on the subject of your work or education, you can adapt to the key elements and characteristics. You can speak fluently about the fundamentals of your life.

  • 90–115: Regardless of your knowledge of the subject, you can talk about it. Both solid and esoteric subjects are things you can grasp and discuss.

  • 120–160: You have good English writing and speaking skills. Whether a term is idiomatic, figurative, or pragmatic, you can grasp it.

How Should I Study for the Duolingo English Exam?

The last remaining query is, "Are you now prepared to take the test?" following your completion of the above-mentioned essential learning about the Duolingo English Test? Unfortunately, simply understanding the test's history won't help you perform well on the Duolingo English test.

Always remembering that practice makes perfect will ensure success. Sadly, the offered practice exams are typically only 15 minutes long, whereas the actual Duolingo English Test lasts between 40 and 60 minutes.

To improve your abilities and help you become accustomed to the questions' formats, you must continue taking these practice exams. Additionally, it will aid in your comfort and understanding of the test's format.

Remember, you can take these practice exams as often as you'd like. There is no defined method of preparing for the Duolingo English Test, unlike IELTS, TOEFL, and the like. Therefore, it is imperative to complete the practice exams prior to taking the actual ones.

  • Read up on the Duolingo exam in detail.

  • Take as many practice exams as you can to get a sense of the format and format of the actual exam.

  • Learn how to perform Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) tests.

  • Read about the different Duolingo question formats.

  • Download the official Duolingo test guide.

  • Exercise your speaking skills as much as you can.

You can only be thorough on the Duolingo test by practicing. You will have more opportunities to pass the test if you practice more.


Which nations allow Duolingo test participants?

A few nations that accept Duolingo tests are:

  • USA

  • Canada

  • UK

  • Australia

  • In New Zealand

How many colleges recognize the Duolingo English exam?

What is the cost of the Duolingo English exam?

What does my 100-point Duolingo score mean?

What is a good score in Duolingo?

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